Our values

A different perspective

It’s not just our values that make the difference: it’s how we bring them to work, and life, every day that really sets us apart. Our values inspire us to go further and achieve more, fearlessly, for the greater good. It’s an exciting way to work.

Our core values

We are passionate, committed, driven and creative. We reward bravery, loyalty and kindness. We are constantly evolving, breaking boundaries and striving for excellence. We are Opus and proud of it.

These aren’t just words. Our Core Values are alive and well, and can be seen every day.

This is how.

Passionate, committed, driven and creative

  • We each get an A for effort, giving everything we can, every time.
  • We put aside personal pride for company success.
  • We want to be the best we can be.
  • We don’t wait to be told, we just do.

We reward bravery, loyalty and kindness

  • We get excited by new things and escaping our comfort zone.
  • We make the right decisions, not the easy ones.
  • We are each focused on enabling team success and take personal responsibility for it.

We are constantly evolving, breaking boundaries and striving for excellence

  • We encourage good ideas, whether from the newest Graduate or the CEO.
  • We challenge each other, give honest feedback and accept constructive criticism.
  • We take leaps and risks – even the most terrifying ones – when it means innovating, improving and winning.
  • We are committed to improvement and never settle.

We are Opus and proud of it… but none of this matters if we aren’t having fun

  • We choose to create a positive work environment every day, helping each other through the tough times with a smile.
  • We know that what makes us different drives our success, so we are proud of who we are, where we have come from and the lessons we have learned.
  • We embrace our imperfections as opportunities to learn and do better next time.

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We’re not only active in your marketplace or sector, we’re in your area. So we not only have local presence, we have local knowledge too. Get in touch to find out what else makes us different – and how we can make a difference to your talent lifecycle.