What is talent branding?

Branding is a critical process in any business. It not only allows you to differentiate yourselves amongst your competition and gives you a competitive advantage, but it promotes a direct response from your customers; a vital aspect in growing the business and propelling it towards success.

While we often speak about employer branding and how to improve your employer brand in order to ensure that you are attracting the highest quality candidates, little is said about your talent brand which is, in fact, equally as important when looking to recruit new employees.

So what is your talent brand and why is creating a talent brand strategy so important?

Your talent brand is essentially the way in which your brand is perceived by current, former and potential employees alike.

At the beginning of 2015, there were 2.078 billion active social media accounts; a massive 29 per cent of the overall population. Based on current trends, it is expected that mobile will help push internet penetration reach beyond 50 per cent of the world’s population by the end of 2016.

With the use of social networks ever increasing, your talent brand is a vital factor in carrying your business forward; with websites like Glassdoor and Indeed allowing for both positive and negative company reviews to spread like wildfire!

Naturally, improving your employer brand plays a huge part in improving your talent brand as this will affect the way your employees feel about working for your company. It’s important to create an enviable company culture and work environment which promotes employee happiness and engagement, for instance.

Additionally, a faultless recruitment process will encourage top talent as this ultimately reflects upon your business.

By creating a strong employer brand with your current employees at the forefront of your strategy, this will in turn encourage them to portray your brand positively outside of work. A strong talent brand strategy will not only enable you to reduce your costs, but will increase staff retention as potential employees will already have a realistic perception of the brand from your current employees.

A talent brand strategy will enable you to stay ahead of your competition by attracting the highest calibre of quality candidates from the ever-shrinking talent pool, as well as creating a more efficient and successful hiring process.

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