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_nology is a global tech training and talent hub, focused on bridging the skills gap and improving diversity in technology teams. We can tap into diverse talent pools because we select candidates based on their mindset, potential, and capability, rather than past experience.

_Nology Partnership

Training your workforce of tomorrow, today.

Our tech training partner, _nology, upskills existing tech teams, as well as offering bespoke training courses tailored to your business needs, providing you with homegrown talent with expertise in your niche. 

_nology is a fully remote, immersive coding academy that’s open to everyone, with the intention of creating a diverse, sustainable tech talent pool that will continue to address and fill the diversity and skills gap in tech. 

We offer two main solutions:

Opus Talent Solutions works in symbiosis with _nology - this partnership enables us to enhance the solutions we offer clients. We integrate ourselves into the companies we work with, meaning our offering through _nology will always be fully tailored to the evolving business needs of clients we partner with. 

We understand the culture, future, and challenges of our clients, and work with _nology to establish solutions that get real results, whether that’s scaling up at pace, upskilling existing teams, or building out fully-trained new teams bespoke to project demands. 

We offer companies the opportunity to upskill their current employees, or use _nology to deliver bespoke recruitment projects in order to meet business goals. Through our extensive client list, we're able to provide a constant stream of new, highly skilled, diverse talent to fill the gap. We deliver job-ready talent into roles that need to be filled, offering a bespoke client service while improving diversity in the sector.

  1. Consultancy model

Part of the _nology programme includes client-specific training courses - clients tell us what roles they need to fill and what skills they're looking for, and we find hardworking, passionate individuals that want to kickstart their career in tech, often with no previous coding experience. We train them in the skill set and tech stack needed, and place them in the role with the client once they graduate from our course. 

Our clients give us feedback on skills that are in-demand, and we adapt our course syllabus to match, ensuring our trainees are job-ready upon graduation. These skills include coding languages, as well as 'soft' skills, like collaboration and communication, that are needed in the industry.

View our case study with Deutsche Bank here

  1. Upskilling and retraining

We’ll run an attraction campaign for your existing employees, offering them the chance to upskill themselves with a bespoke training course. We’ll put together a syllabus tailored to your business needs, and get your team up to speed on everything you need them to know. From 4-week intensives to 12-week learning options, we’ll build a solution that meets your exact requirements. 

View our case study with Admiral here.

We work with _nology to build attraction strategies that work, whether they’re internal or external. Our Opus Marketing team use co-branded, targeted campaigns to promote social mobility, and, alongside our existing initiatives, we use our expertise in recruitment to create space in the tech sector for people from underrepresented backgrounds. 

We specifically market to underrepresented groups, including women, ethnically diverse individuals, the LGBTQIA+ community, and those from underprivileged backgrounds. By marketing directly to these groups, we are able to dispel myths around working in the tech sector (67% of our students do not come from STEM backgrounds!) and open doors to opportunities that may not otherwise have been possible. 

Connecting people with opportunities is what we do - regardless of their background. This not only fills the gap in technology, but fills it with diverse talent and opens doors to a future that may not have been possible otherwise.


We fund the training of every individual who joins _nology via one of our CSR partners.


This UK charity focuses on helping underprivileged and vulnerable young people get into education and employment. 


Resurgo is a charity that's committed to supporting individuals from underprivileged backgrounds and connecting them with transformational opportunities. 


The Sutton Trust helps individuals harness their full potential by breaking down societal, educational, and financial barriers.


As the leading UK charity supporting those on the autism spectrum, they campaign for inclusive opportunities. 


The RFEA provides support and employment to Service leavers, veterans, and reservists, as well as their families.


This initiative supports young adults with special needs and disabilities, promoting inclusive education and employment opportunities.


  • 48% female
  • 64% ethnically diverse
  • 67% non-STEM
  • 17% LGBTQIA+
  • 76% career-changers
  • 33% non-degree educated 


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