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Passionate about people in the workplace

Nothing excites us more than the right people, in the right place, doing the right thing. And with recruitment at the heart of our business, including niche brands specialising in specific sectors, we’re well-practised in making that happen. But there’s much more to us. A strategic talent solutions company with a difference, our people are expert, dedicated and excited about delivering solutions across every stage of the talent lifecycle. So much so, they’ve won awards doing it for our clients.

On a different level

End-to-end talent lifecycle solutions, delivered globally. Told you we were different. Our industry leading clients trust us to deliver truly tailored, bespoke solutions, whatever the sector. And with complete talent management solutions, we do it all, everywhere. But there is no one size fits all approach.

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Award-winning is one thing. If that means we do everything well and to the best of our wide-ranging capability, that’s the main thing. So, yes, we’re competitive and, of course, we’re driven. But we don’t set out to win awards. We set out to deliver solutions.

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A group of our employees went on a 'Business Confidence' course which focuses on improving communication and confidence in the workplace. Learning & Development is important to us and we always ensure employees have the opportunity to evolve. #OpusLife #ThisIsOpus #OpusEvolve #Learning #Training #Evolve #Confidence #Business #Development #Team

At Opus, we don't just offer excellent career progression and rewards, but we offer our employees numerous #wellbeing tools. We have regular #team days out, a #wellness retreat in Italy and the chance to further your personal development in courses such as becoming a Mental Health First Aider. Find out about our current opportunities and how you could be #HappilyOpus. Link in bio. #Careers #GraduateJobs #GradScheme #OpusLife #ThisIsOpus #Opus #Happy #MentalHealth #EmployeeWellbeing #WorkLifeBalance #Development #PersonalDevelopment

Having a fantastic time at the Amsterdam lunch club today! Congrats to the team whose hard work got them there! 🍻🍴 #LunchClub #Amsterdam #OpusLife #ThisIsOpus #Team #Incentive #Reward

Some of our lovely ladies from the Sydney office celebrating the Melbourne Cup yesterday at Dick’s Hotel in Balmain. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great day! 🍾💃 #MelbourneCup2018 #Sydney #ThisIsOpus #raceday

The importance of staff motivation

Keeping staff motivated is about more than just financial rewards. Learn Alex Meahs advice on keeping your team happy.

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Why the future of L&D is like a Wedding

Hot tips on creating a successful and sustainable L&D program for training employees.

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A "hard-working, driven and passionate company" - we are Relentlessly Opus. Our team goes above and beyond and it is a culture we are proud to have. If you want to be part of such a #bold #team - then please visit our careers site for our current vacancies. Link in bio. #Careers #GradJob #NewJob #Jobs #Bristol #Manchester #London #Amsterdam #Relentless #Passionate #JobOpportunity #CareerChange

A look back at our #Summer #party in Bristol this year! Who is excited for this years #Christmas event?! #ChristmasParty #ThisIsOpus #OpusLife #WorkParty #Social #Team #Bristol #TeamWork

Opus have been growing for 10 years, and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon! No two days are the same, and things are exciting around here. If you are interested in working for one of the fastest growing UK companies internationally, then click the link in our bio to see our current opportunities. #Jobs #Careers #recruitment #Growth #International #Global #Exciting #Fastpaced #FastGrowth #WorkForUs #Career #NewJob #Opportunity

Happy Halloween from our awesome Sydney team! 🎃 #ThisIsOpus #OpusLife #halloween #dressupday

The business of people

The changing face of recruitment - are you in or out?

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We have grown from a single office in Bristol to having over 250 employees across 4 continents in 7 cities - and we are not stopping. Growth is part of who we are. If you are interested in our global opportunities, please see the link in our bio. We are #GloballyOpus. #Careers #Relocation #Global #GradScheme #International #Growth #Growing #WorkForUs #Career #Graduate #GraduateProgramme #Relocate #Amsterdam #London #Manchester #HongKong #Sydney #NewYork

Our #Manchester team took to Axe Throwing as a team day out to celebrate the star performers of the month. We are still looking for #graduates to join our fabulous Manchester #team - where our program has great growth, progression and earning potential. Visit the link in our bio to find out more. #GradScheme #Graduate #GradJob #Opus #ThisIsOpus #OpusLife #Growth #Progression #TeamBuilding #Incentive #Work #AxeThrowing

#diversity in the workplace is important to us, where our recruitment consultant Bella finds that working for Opus is inclusive and a team effort. If you are looking to change career or kickstart it - visit the link in our bio to see our opportunities and learn about life working for Opus. #Careers #Jobs #Diverse #DiverselyOpus #OpusLife #ThisIsOpus #Team #Teamwork #OpusTeam

How To Overcome Mental Health in a High Pressure Job

How an Opus employee has dealt with mental health whilst working in recruitment. Her real-life tips and motivational words.

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We are visiting @uniessex today at their #grad fair to showcase why Opus is a fantastic place to start your career. Look out for our popping candy and come and give us a visit! #GradFair #Graduates #GraduateFair #EssexUni #GraduateScheme #Careers #Career #GraduateJob

"If you're looking for an innovative, energetic and hard-working environment, then Opus may well be the place for you". We are a fast paced, and exciting firm with lots of drive. We see the value in doing things differently and aren't afraid to think outside the box. Visit the link in our bio if this is the sort of team that interests you! #OpusStories #OpusLife #ThisIsOpus #Marketing #Employee #Quote #Testimonial #EmployeeTestimonial #WorkForUs #Energetic #HardWorking

Come and see us today at the @uwebristol #GraduateFair and find out about our amazing #graduate opportunities and how you could start your #career with Opus 👩🏼‍🎓🎓

Looking forward to attending the @uwebristol #GradFair today, where we will be bringing Opus to some great #Bristol #students who may be the next people to join #OpusLife - where we place employee wellbeing and development as priority. See our careers site (in bio) for more information. #GraduateJob #GradJob #UWE #UWEBristol #GradScheme #Growth #Incentive

Some of this months #Bristol Lunch Club attendees who had a lovely day celebrating their hard-work and success throughout August 🎉 #LunchClub #Success #HardWork #Team #ThisIsOpus #OpusLife

Our CEO @girl_founder appeared in the Bristol Life magazine discussing her journey to Opus. It is great to have inspiring people around us in the #business - and we are always on the look out for more #driven and motivated people to join our team. Click the link in our bio to see our current opportunities. #Jobs #Employment #CEO #GirlBoss #ThisIsOpus #OpusLife #OpusLiving #Recruitment #Graduates #GradScheme #Global

We are #hiring! We are looking for a new #marketing assistant to join our team in #Bristol! No prior experience is needed, however you must be motivated, driven, hard-working and keen to learn. You will get exposure across a range of marketing activity. Contact to apply. #MarketingJob #MarketingRole #MarketingAssistant #DigitalMarketing #MarketingRole #Apply #BristolJobs #BristolJob #Careers #GraduateRole

Some of our Opus #Bristol team getting competitive for a day out #paintballing to celebrate their success. We are all about employee well-being and always ensure our teams are rewarded for their success! See our #job opportunities in the link in our bio to see how you could join our team! #OpusLife #ThisIsOpus #opus #Talent #Reward #TeamBuilding #Success #Wellbeing #BristolTeam #jobOpportunity #Jobs #GraduateJobs

How to Attract and Retain Young Talent

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Gareth Southgate’s Management Strategy

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We Must Teach Our Students to be Fluent in The Language of Tech

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Why Are We So Stuck On Labels?

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"People are this company's most important asset", says every CEO that's ever lived. Do they actually mean this or is it just a politically correct nicety that they say…

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Calling all STEM Professionals! Please participate in our gender diversity survey.

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Gender Diversity in STEM

In partnership with the Women's Tech Hub, we've launched a survey to explore gender diversity issues within STEM skillsets. Participate here.

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“If you love someone, set them free”

January is a month...

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Why an employer rebrand doesn't have to be like a bad sequel!

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