“I found the process of contracting with Global Offshore through JD Ross Energy very professional; everything was very well explained, and I was kept informed of the progress of the application throughout by Harry and Natalie. The timesheet portal is very easy to use and saves a huge amount of time for both me and the Project Managers… Overall, I now have one less thing to worry about, as all the stress has been taken out of the invoicing and accounts payable process for me. I also received a follow-up call from Harry to ensure that the process had gone as smoothly as I had expected and to enquire if I needed any help or had any questions.”

Candidate experience, Global Marine Group

Integrated support

CWIND is an industry leader in CTVs, project services, and offshore training. CWIND is part of the Global Marine Group, utilising their assets to deliver projects at over 50 UK and European offshore wind farms, and supporting over 12GW of power generated by the offshore wind sector.

We work collaboratively with their Resourcing Manager to build scalable teams for their projects that include a world-class collection of trained technicians.

Key results

114 placements
IR35-compliant onboarding and processes
Project mobilisation guidance and advice
Improved brand and candidate experience
Rate card analysis
Management information
  • What was the challenge?

    CWind has a heavy reliance on contractors and third-party suppliers who make up a considerable part of their workforce due to the transient nature of their projects.

    Post-Brexit and IR35-compliance responsibilities have made it more problematic to consider working with UK-based Limited Company workers. Prior to the commencement of our project, CWind had limited visibility as to the compliance of their existing Limited Company and umbrella company workforce, including a consistent onboarding process. Existing rate card analysis was required to ensure they were able to maximise profit when bidding for future projects.

  • Characteristics of our solution

    Opus Talent Solutions and JD Ross Energy are supporting CWind in constructing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining large-scale offshore wind projects globally.

    Our specialist team is fully integrated into the CWIND business to ensure we are a collaborative partner and a true extension of their business. We have a dedicated account team that fully support the CWIND business. This team works with them from the time a requirement is identified through to the point of onboarding. We resource and identify the worker, onboard compliantly, mobilise in collaboration with CWIND, and then, after project completion, offboard the workers.

  • Outcomes and benefits

    Opus Talent Solutions have successfully and compliantly onboarded workers for CWind's critical global projects, offering advice and guidance regarding the deployment of these workers. This has enabled them to scale up quickly and cost-effectively in response to both project and client demands.

  • Projected cost savings

    Across this three-year programme, Opus Talent Solutions will be driving year-on-year cost savings and continuous improvement.

  • Number of placements and time to hire

    Since the mobilisation of our programme, we have onboarded 114 workers compliantly, both onshore and offshore, throughout Europe. These roles have included HSE Officers, Engineers, Document Controllers, ROV Pilots, and Project Mangers.

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