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It’s more complicated for starters. The war for talent, and on attrition, will be won on the EVP and Employer Brand battlefield. Where content is king, messaging can make or break a kingdom. And when reputation is everything, how does yours stand or fall in the marketplace? To make the difference, you need to know the difference.

So what’s so different about our approach to attraction?

We look at attraction in every way possible. That means going beyond just reaching the right people, to making your employer brand a magnet for talent. And as Talent Attraction continues to evolve rapidly, that puts us ahead of the curve, best placed to help you implement the tools and strategies to best effect.

One of the most talked about topics in business at the moment, Talent Attraction constantly demands new approaches and fresh direction. So much so that the majority of CEOs and HRDs are committing to make Employer Branding one of their key areas of investment in the coming year.

We go even further with a complete service offering that includes EVP and Employer Brand development, creative development, attraction strategies across all media, on and offline, and into social recruiting and events.

Plus, if you‘re also investing in a Talent Strategy, it makes a lot of sense to make sure your messaging in the market reflects that. You can achieve a better ROI if your employee PR, marketing and messaging measures up to who you are as an employer and speaks directly to the kind of people you want to attract. In fact, it makes all the difference.

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End-to-end talent lifecycle solutions, delivered globally. Told you we were different. Our industry leading clients trust us to deliver truly tailored, bespoke solutions, whatever the sector. And with complete talent management solutions, we do it all, everywhere. But there is no one size fits all approach.

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We’re not only active in your marketplace or sector, we’re in your area. So we not only have local presence, we have local knowledge too. Get in touch to find out what else makes us different – and how we can make a difference to your talent lifecycle.