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Alexandra Meah

Global Talent & HR Director

T: +44 (0)117 968 9292


What makes me different

As a true HR Generalist, I have experience of the full talent lifecycle, both from an HR perspective and an operational and strategic viewpoint. I have also worked within businesses of varying sizes and industries, so am adept at tailoring people-related solutions for individual business requirements. 

I am also extremely commercially orientated and, as such, the advice and recommendations I offer always take a balanced view of risk and potential cost from a monetary, reputational and time perspective.

I’ve also worked with global businesses, so have knowledge of people and change projects across borders.  

My generalist experience means I can clearly see how interlinked the stages of the talent lifecycle are, and I have seen first-hand how an initiative designed to impact one area can have unexpected effects on others. 

These effects aren’t always bad, but I’m a big believer in trying to establish the true return on investment of each initiative. With my support, clients will be able to thoroughly measure their success in any given area, while also avoiding unwanted results. 

Having worked for both large, well-established organisations and small startups, I have a clear view of best practice and cutting-edge thought leadership in the world of HR, but can adapt it to various situations, meaning every client gets a solution that’s perfect for them, and them alone.

The depth and breadth of experience within Opus Talent Solutions is truly astounding, and this means we can offer bespoke, innovative and tested solutions with confidence.

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