Talent Lifecycles: Why You Need to Nurture The Whole Journey

At Opus, we take a very different approach to employment. 

It’s easy to dismiss recruitment agencies as simply being there to help clients fill vacancies, but, in reality, recruitment should only be one part of your entire talent strategy.

Any HR manager worth their salt will appreciate the need to nurture every step of the employee journey, from attraction and retention to performance management and succession planning. Only then will you ensure long-term success, building teams on strong foundations.

This is why we talk about the ‘talent lifecycle’ and aim to create deep-rooted partnerships, advising clients at every stage to guarantee their staff fire on all cylinders. 

Here’s an insight into our process.

What is the Talent Lifecycle?

We break the employee journey down to five key areas, outlined below:


What does your branding say about you? Does it effectively communicate your company culture? Is it designed to catch the eye of the brightest talent? 

In the fast-paced modern world, it pays to invest in Employer Branding Development and marketing that sets you apart from the competition.

Firm believers in practising what we preach, we recently revamped our branding with a sleek, contemporary design that we hope embodies our sophisticated approach to talent solutions. 

We studied the market to note the differences that make us unique, forming a theme that’s now consistent throughout our messaging. We also wanted to avoid a run-of-the-mill industry website that earns attention, and the results already speak for themselves.

Last month, we launched an international graduate programme, and we’ve since been inundated with hundreds of applications from high-achieving candidates, largely thanks to targeted social media campaigns.

Happily Opus Instagram

The striking imagery and strong messaging is turning heads, which is a huge contrast to previous efforts whereby we struggled to engage the target audience. 

Our EVP (Employee Value Proposition) shines through, demonstrating our commitment to creating a happy and rewarding workplace.

Presenting a clear vision is crucial to talent attraction, and refining your image will go a long way to enticing the cream of the crop.


The Opus family comprises four specialist recruitment brands, focusing on digital, energy, architecture, and medical technology. 

Having sector-specific knowledge in highly-specialised areas means we’re well-placed to assist clients who require particular skill sets. We understand the distinct challenges of each industry, ensuring we engage the right people and get them on board.

We’re certainly not a hit-and-hope, everything to everyone agency; the only way to deliver true value is by developing expertise in our chosen fields.

This focus means we’re continually growing our networks, connecting with talented individuals who aren’t necessarily looking for jobs right now but may be tempted if the right opportunity comes along.

Hiring staff is often a reactionary process; positions open up, and you desperately look to fill them. However, if you’re open to nurturing relationships with others in the industry, you may find your recruitment strategy becomes much more effective.  

Performance Management

If your idea of performance management is conducting annual reviews, setting targets and picking things up 12 months later, chances are you’re not running a smooth, synchronised organisation.

It’s easy to pay lip service to goal-setting, but failing to track objectives and analyse results in a meaningful way only creates dissatisfaction on both sides.

At Opus, we’ve witnessed a huge uplift in operations since integrating NorthStar performance management software into our CRM. This innovative tool gives employees a clear insight into where they’re excelling and where there’s room for improvement, while management gets real-time overviews of how their teams are functioning.

Rather than top-down commands to improve in certain areas, staff are empowered to address situations themselves, working hard to increase performance off their own back. This ensures goal-setting and reviews remain fair and consistent, keeping everyone focused on striving forward.

We’ve experienced such great results that we’re now confident in advising clients on how to use this software themselves, making it the focal point of performance management

We also offer tailored training sessions and learning programmes to keep your talent on track and up-to-date with best practices. If employees become disenfranchised, neither party benefits, so it’s imperative to constantly inspire success.


If you look after your staff, they’ll look after you.

While investing in company benefits can attract top talent, keeping people on board means actively engaging and communicating with the whole team, asking for their feedback and making them feel valued.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, exit interviews can help inform your retention strategy. If you pinpoint why people are leaving and take steps to right wrongs, you’ll soon create a better working environment that inspires confidence.

Wellness in the workplace is a hot topic right now, and HR managers should make this a top priority because it’s crucial to avoiding burnout and keeping hold of talent.

Offering career development opportunities is also fundamental to a successful retention strategy, which brings us nicely onto…

Succession Planning

No matter how good your retention initiatives are, at some point, your top performers will have to pass the baton to the next generation

Many businesses come unstuck when key staff leave, simply because they fail to plan for the future. Identifying the leaders of tomorrow is essential for business continuity and natural evolution, which is why a succession plan strategy is vitally important.

Every element of the talent lifecycle complements one another, and formalising your strategy is guaranteed to drive your business forward. 

With a global network, we’re experts in tailoring talent solutions for international clients. If you’d like to hear more about our comprehensive range of services, please contact us today.

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